A person is on their way to a fifth interview with a company for a position that is of high interest when all of a sudden gripping fear takes over “Oh no, am I wearing the same suit I wore on the second interview?  Are they going to think I only have two suits?!”

Then thoughts drift toward the reasoning for this fifth interview. What else can be asked that hasn’t already been answered?  I completed two Behavioral Assessments where my brain was poked and pricked along with a series of references from previous employers who all received calls. Plus, there is the dutiful substance/drug check and a background check to see if I’ve ever stole anything or drove over the speed limit!

The fact is this scenario is becoming more the norm than the one off special situation.

Let’s take a look at the reasoning for why multiple interviews are required:

1. Companies have been burned before on hiring someone to be surprised by the skills, or lack of skills, that someone actually brings to a job. Therefore more time and effort goes into the hiring process.


2. Cross-function teams and peer associates are encouraged to provide input, and be included in the hiring process. Therefore, add a few more meetings to that interview schedule!


3. Travel agendas; more often than not, everyone isn’t in one place at one time to interview with you. Bingo – that’s another interview that has to be scheduled.


4. The next level is included, so up the corporate ladder we go. Another meeting, the company didn’t want to waste the time of execs for anyone but a more serious finalist.


5. Some fear by hiring managers to pull the trigger. Let’s get buy in all around, making it a collective decision. That way, the hiring manager doesn’t stand out as a lone wolf if things didn’t work out.


What can you take away from this? Remember, your liaison and contact person, usually in HR/Talent Acquisition, is an asset to you. Treat them with respect and appreciation, it will help you behind the scenes.

Be consistent, stay true to your beliefs versus what you think the company wants to hear from you.  A part of this is to peel things back to see what your approach and tendencies are in different situations.  A company wants to see the real you in contrast to the person you were on stage in your first interview.

After skills are assessed on a resume, a curious question is, “What is the percentage of importance that chemistry and fit falls into a hire?” It’s pretty high, and that again points to confirmation of extended interviews.

Once you get that job, remembering how it felt at a candidate level will go a long way. When you’re doing the hiring, be open with candidates about the timeline, and thank them for their flexibility in repeat meetings and the intermediary steps that have to be taken.


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