In order to have a successful round of interviews, make sure you put time and effort into the preparation. The smoother the process is for the candidates and interviewers, the better. Here are some notes on preparation we’ve put together.



Before the Interview


1. Identify the team of people who will be involved in the interview process.

Make sure to share the position description as well as which strengths are most important to you. Each interviewer should have a standard set of questions to ask the candidate, and it’s important to ask the same questions every time.


2. Develop an evaluation form for each interviewer to complete.

It’s critical to have someone in charge of all interview logistics, and no detail is too small to consider. Remember, always put your best foot forward—if you’re talking to the right candidates, it will be a two-way interview.


3. Have the search firm check references prior to the face-to-face interview and share that information with all of the interviewers.

If you’re using a personality-profiling tool, have those results available as well. A search firm, such as SearchWide Global can go over this in detail.


4. Put together an interview agenda.

Some candidates might assume the interview will last a couple hours, but the interview panel has made plans for a social function as well. Create a detailed agenda of the day for each candidate, this will help all parties involved stay organized, focused, and prepared. Make sure a copy is sent to each candidate and to the team who will be interviewing beforehand.


How to Properly Conduct an Interview



Interview Day



5. Make sure the receptionist is completely aware of the interview schedule and what time you expect each candidate to arrive.

First impressions are also important on the candidate behalf. A welcoming, friendly, staff that is well aware that interviews are taking place is important.


6. Allow for plenty of breaks throughout the day.

Breaks should be included in the interview agenda. Keep that in mind when planning for each candidate interview. This way people can plan when they will be free to take calls and respond to emails.


7. Consider placing the candidates in a meeting room and having interviewers come in.

This provides the candidate a more comfortable setting. Shuffling candidates from office to office is not ideal.


8. Provide light refreshments. 

The interviews can be lengthy and having a nice, presentable set up in the meeting room of light snacks and an assortment of beverages will be appreciated.




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