By: Mark Gnatovic

Many times prospective candidates do not do enough of their own homework and evaluation of the company they are interviewing with to determine if this move will be a move filled with success, and even more important, the happiness they seek. Based on our many years of experience we’ve put together some great advice to turn to while you are in the interview and hiring process. This will help you determine if the company is a good fit for you before you accept the position.


The key is to evaluate the company just as much as they evaluate you. 


Here are some helpful thoughts to consider before you accept a new job:


1. The first thing to ask yourself, “can I be successful in this position”?  There are plenty of “cool” jobs out there, or positions that you have dreamed about, sound exciting, but are they right for you? Consider the position inside and out, the responsibilities, and how it translates to your experience, is it a role you can see yourself being successful in? How will you compare to other likely candidates?



2. Okay, you’re comfortable with #1, now consider the company and how it fits with you and your livelihood. It’s your life, know what is important to you! Ask yourself if you are comfortable with the hours, travel, perhaps weekends and even nights.  If you don’t know the answers to those questions, find out now before it’s too late.



3. How about the personality of the person you will report to? Does his/her leadership style align with you? Will your potential new boss provide a platform for your success? Ask a couple leading questions like “what’s your style of leadership and what does success look like to you?”



4. Ask about the team that you will eventually partner with and that will support you (and you them) towards success. Maybe, ”tell me about the existing team that is in place, what challenges or successes have they had and why”?



5. Evaluate the office atmosphere…did the person working the front desk greet you? Do people look at you in the eye and say “hi” as you walk by and into the interview room. Try and gather a sense for what a typical day would feel like, what mood does it put you in?



6. What does the culture feel like? A simple question, “tell me about the culture here”. How about personal health, do you see people wearing Fitbits, using stability balls, or stand-up desks? If it’s important to you, be aware of the culture and environment.  Ask for a tour of the office.



7. As you consider the company, ask (and do you own homework/evaluation) what makes them better than their competitive set? It may not be the largest and most financially heavy company (although money in the bank is SUPER important), but what makes this company stand out? First off, know their competitive set and ask, “how do you compete against ABC and what are your biggest challenges when competing against them? What makes “us” stand out to “them”?



8. How about the size of the company? Some people do better with a larger, more defined responsibility vs. a smaller, more cutting edge and entrepreneurial opportunity. Just recognize what is ahead for you where there are more opportunities for “all hands on deck”.  And, for the entrepreneurial “opportunities” that come with long range money, you need to get those promises in writing.



9. Why is the position available? What happened to the last person? Or why has this position been created? These are fantastic questions that may help you determine if the role fits you.



Your own unique discovery process on shared beliefs, ethics, integrity and morals are ALL no brainers. Every company is unique in its own right, and so are you.  Don’t make a move just to make the move.  Find a home that you will inspire you, challenge you, and provide opportunities for your career.  


A good candidate must interview the interviewers almost as much as they will interview you. Trust your gut and good luck!




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