We’ve all seen that perfect job and wondered how cool it would be to work there!  Some of you were lucky enough to land “that” interview…now what?!?!

Well relax!  Take a deep breath, compose yourself and then take a step back.  It takes time and practice to ace a performance in the interview room.

After seeing hundreds of interviews, most do well, some fall hard and a few simply nail it! The candidates that nail the interview were certainly the most prepared.


Here are some thoughts for interviewing preparation for success…

 1. First off…evaluate yourself:

It is not about the hardest worker or the one that arrives early and stays late that will get that position… Know your strength and weaknesses; know them well enough so you can effectively communicate these to the hiring party.  They will ask…believe me…         Most importantly, you really should know this for your own personal growth.  Ask yourself some really tough questions and you may want to ask others you know and trust.  You’re really only as good as the information you get and “not knowing that you don’t know” is not a strong trait.  Lastly, know WHY you want this job…practice how you communicate this…ears perk up when candidates respond to WHY!


2. Know the company:

Do your homework!  Not only is it important to know the company but know their competitive set and have the ability to speak about those comparable strength and weaknesses at least at a surface level.  You can’t get into the nitty gritty until you can conduct your own internal assessment but online can provide a surface level view to give you some talking points.  Go for it!


3. Know who will interview you:

LinkedIn…BAM!  Look to connect your life with theirs.  This will give you talking points and can break the ice out of the gate when you walk into the room.  Look at the cities they’ve lived in, former companies, college, groups, etc.  Play it safe when looking at common connections because your friend may no longer be their friend.


4. Be a good listener:

You can’t just listen with your ears…USE YOUR EYES; body language can tell you everything.  Listen carefully to the question and answer the question.  Do not fill in silence with speak.  I think we’ve all interviewed somebody and asked one question and received a 30 minute response…not good!  Watch for body language to know when to wrap it up.


5. Confident but humble:

Know you…know what you can do…be confident but humble…it’s all in the delivery.  B and C players are indecisive.  Good leaders are decisive and factual.  If you want to be considered as leadership material, you have to possess a confident but humble characteristic.  Be confident in your judgment and believe in yourself.  Has anyone heard the saying…you’re good enough, you’re smart enough and dammit…people like you.  They probably do until you give them a reason not to…


6. WE…Us…the TEAM:

The old saying is true, the letter “I” stands alone.   Share credit when a project goes well. One of the most powerful and rarely discussed success factors with career success is the ability to share wins with others.   “We” vs. “Me” will help the interviewer understand your ability to work well with others. This doesn’t mean refrain from sharing your individual responsibilities and accomplishments, but be clear about how those things benefitted your team.  Helping your colleagues succeed is a sign of self-confidence, self-trust, teamwork and collaborative leadership.


7. Communication style:

The basics here…energy, polished and on point.  Effective communication in a sufficient amount is VERY important.  Careful not to ramble on and on and on and on…you get the point. Whether you bump into a CEO in an elevator, the guy on the loading dock…your ability to speak and engage with a wide variety of people is an absolute essential.  I always found it extremely beneficial to ask the receptionist how a candidate interacted with them…pay attention to your verbal and nonverbal efforts.


8. Dress the part:

If you look good you feel good and that is contagious.


9. Have a few questions for the end and a brief closing statement:

Questions can prove that you’re prepared and have done some homework.  Ask the questions you need answered so you can evaluate the position just as much as they evaluated you.  But, read body language and know when it’s time to close.  A closing statement should reiterate you want and desire to make a change.  Don’t overkill this…keep it to the point, simple and polished.


10. Lastly and super important…be you:

You never want to sell yourself into a position that is over your head or where your experience won’t provide success.  Nobody wants to scratch their head after 6 months and ask “what did I do…?”


Take positions that stretch your ability, will keep your interest so you stay motivated.  Look for companies that can provide growth and an opportunity down the road.  Look for a culture fit as much as a professional fit.  Don’t sell yourself short…go for it and remember…success comes most to those who are surrounded by people who want their success to continue.


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