According to Glassdoor, top companies like Twitter, Edelman, Google and Facebook were named the top places to work based on company culture and values.

Twitter offers core values that drive the company to always be better. Meetings on the roof, teamwork, a friendly atmosphere, and an open dialogue with the executives is what employees like most about working there.


1. Physical space does matter:

Whether you work in a corporate office or remotely, physical space does matter.

The feeling of psychological privacy that comes with individual offices can enhance job performance. Open office layouts (cube farms) tend to have high noise levels. Studies have shown that even a small amount of background noise increases mental workload, which further contributes to employee stress and lowered productivity.  Offering spaces where people can close the door and put their heads down to work without noise is what employees are looking for.


Physical enhancements such as:

  • Natural light – creativity depends on natural light. Integrating sunlight into office design, and making sure it shines on all employees is vital to creating the environments where creative ideas grow.


  • Plants – plants have been proven to lower workplace stress and increase productivity. Add them through the office space for all employees to see.



2. Work atmosphere and healthy well-being

Employers are now using decor to entice top talent, and as the lines between work and home are becoming blurred, many workplaces now feature treadmill desks, standing desks and lounge areas. Companies are even offering more opportunities for play. Dropbox has a music studio at its headquarters in San Francisco (take a peek at their headquarters here). YouTube’s office in San Bruno, California, has an indoor slide and putting green (see video tour below).


Healthier employees are happier and more productive, and companies with the best benefits packages recognize this.


At Salesforce, a cloud-computing company in San Francisco, employees receive a monthly reimbursement of $100 for nutrition counseling, yoga classes or massages. At the organic food producer Clif Bar & Company, employees receive 2 1/2 hours of paid workout time each week. Finding the space to work out is even easier for Clif Bar’s staff, since the company headquarters in Emeryville, California, has a dance studio, gym and rock-climbing wall (see video tour below).



Small and midsize companies have started to give their staff Fitbits and Apple Watches (SearchWide Global does!) or started programs to encourage their employees to become more active.



3. Perks vs. culture:

Top companies like Facebook, Google and LinkedIn offer an array of perks including on-site gym’s, car washes, free laundry, rock climbing walls, running trails and afternoon yoga (see Facebook’s video tour below). Other perks including flexible time off, competitive retirement and medical benefits can attract top talent. The employee perks are there to take the daily stress off employee’s lives so they can concentrate on doing their job. Glass Door did a recent blog on unique company perks in 2017 by some top companies. Here they are.



However, the company culture is what employees are most happy with.  Having things does not define the organizational culture. Supportive management, good ideas, work that is appreciated and a company that makes decisions based on good principles is what defines the culture and what’s appreciated by staff.

Glass Door did a recent blog on unique company perks in 2017 by some top companies, we hope they are setting the stage for some of the smaller companies out there that might be looking for perks to include for their employees.


“Being able to be truly happy at work is one of the keys to being happy in life”, says Heidi Golledge, the CEO and co-founder of CareerBliss.

What are some factors that make you happy at work?



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