Written by: Elizabeth McHeffey


Corporate health and wellness perks such as gym memberships, salad bars, and standing desks have been popular for some time now. But many corporations are taking these material wellness perks a step further by prioritizing the importance of mindfulness, self-care, and mental wellness practices. Mindfulness by definition is “the quality or state of being conscious or aware of something.” Mindfulness can be utilized in many different ways, but it encompasses being present, aware, setting intentions, and maximizing your brain and energy function.


Gary Sherwin, CEO of Newport Beach & Company fully embraces the idea of both physical and mental wellness and works to instill that in their company’s core values and culture. One way that they practice this is by giving an annual allowance towards wellness – anything from gym memberships to tennis classes, to buying a jogging stroller for parents. But Gary looked deeper into wellness and mental self-care this year by bringing in a Mindfulness Expert to their company retreat, who spent the day with the entire team, walking them through mindful practices such as guided meditation and intention-setting.


“The idea was to just teach people what it could mean to get quiet, close your eyes and in this case, he was doing guided meditation. Meditation has taught me to say ‘Okay, don’t think squirrel, think of the here and now.’ It does help me in getting through the day and focus on what is in front of you.” -Gary Sherwin


For Brianna Grimaldi, a millennial, new mom, and Digital Marketing Manager at Newport Beach, the day with the Mindfulness Expert was a strong reminder on a goal that she had already set.


“It was one of my New Year’s resolutions to try be more aware and present in my personal and work life. You get in a whirlwind of work and life and it is great to remember to take a step back and be able to reset and focus on where your mind is right now.” -Brianna Grimaldi


Another Millennial on the team and the Director of Tourism Marketing & Insights, Colleen Costello, was unknowingly already practicing mindfulness in her personal life. Through the seminar, she learned to be more aware of the mindfulness that she practices and set her goals intentionally.


“For me, it was identifying a lot of ways I am doing it in my life now and realizing that is my personal mindfulness. I am a big hiker and swimmer and I deliberately don’t keep my phone with me. Realizing that was my personal mindfulness already, and making sure that I am taking the time for myself to do that, take it to that next step, and be totally cut off and focused on what is happening there.” -Colleen Costello


So why has mindfulness gained popularity in both our professional and personal worlds? Here are a few potential reasons:


Accessibility. Apple recently announced its “Best of 2018” and listed self-care as the trend of the year. Apps such as Calm and Headspace are easily accessible and a growing trend, with Headspace being the “gym membership for the mind” and claiming to have 15 million users.


Digital Age & the need to disconnect. This article, sums it up “The bright side of technology is often eclipsed by its dark side: it is hard to switch off, and there is too much information to process as well as too many distractions now. So, yes, we are living in the age of technology-induced stress…”


Productivity: This research study concluded that the average worker is only productive for two hours and 53 minutes per day. There is a clear need for employees to set intentions and refocus.


High Stress: According to this article, almost two-thirds of professionals say their stress levels at work are higher than they were five years ago. Moreover, high stress has been directly linked to disease.


Innovation and creativity. “Studies show meditation improves your creative and critical thinking, reduces stress, and smooths out interpersonal relationships,” says Michael Miller, director of New York Meditation Center.


The bottom line: Be mindful about both your physical and mental wellness. Get outside, take a deep breath, refocus & tackle your day!



Elizabeth McHeffey is our digital nomad. During her travels she’ll be diving into topics and trends surrounding the generations in the workforce, stopping along the way to meet with industry leaders that are making waves and reinventing how we work. What we’re calling, “The Remote Route.”


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