A team member of SearchWide Global recently made the decision to embark on a travel sabbatical, traveling throughout the U.S. for eight months in hopes that she could remain with the company throughout her journey.


Mike Gamble, President and CEO, SearchWide Global shared, “When Elizabeth approached me about this idea, I immediately thought she was calling to resign. One minute into the conversation, she actually said, ‘I am not quitting.’ Relieved, I thought, ‘well what is it then?’


This idea was an easy “yes” for me. How could we not support one of our young leaders who has a passion for travel and giving back? We also knew that it was 100% better to explore an alternative work structure for 8 or 9 months than lose a high-value team member forever. Lastly, what a great opportunity to practice what we preach. The workforce is ever-changing and the only way to grow as an organization is to evolve with it. The needs and wants of the younger generations in the workforce should intrigue us all and we felt like we owed it to ourselves and our clients to better understand what drives them.”


The decision has been a very exciting one, sparking questions and discussions within our internal team on the remote or newly-coined “digital nomad” lifestyle.


“My passion for travel led me to a career in the tourism industry and ultimately led me to the decision to travel the country. It was always something I knew I wanted to experience and personally, the timing was right. Professionally, I had no idea how this would be received and if it was a possibility. And believe me, I feel very fortunate that Mike and the SearchWide Global team were so receptive to supporting me on this decision and journey,” said Elizabeth McHeffey, Recruiting and Research Manager, SearchWide Global.


This Article and Video posted on LinkedIn about 2 months ago is a great, quick watch if you missed it. Yoav Gery is the President of Selina, a network of locations across the globe that offers accommodations, libraries and co-working spaces with reliable internet and quiet areas. They even arrange experiences in surrounding areas, and probably most importantly offer a community that brings like-minded “digital nomads” together. Think WeWork meets a Hotel. Although the remote, traveling lifestyle is typically viewed as a Millennial mindset and desire, Yoav talks about how it resonates across different generations in the workforce. Digital nomads can vary from individuals that dedicate their lives to traveling, as well as others that have traditional jobs that want to “keep life in play”, continue on their career trajectory and growth while getting to explore the U.S. or the world.


In a Forbes Article titled ‘Digital Nomadism Goes Mainstream’, they share the statistic that “4.8 million Americans described themselves as digital nomads. Among traditional U.S. workers, 27% said they “might” become digital nomads in the next 2-3 years, and 11% said they planned to.”


“It’s important to recognize that the way we work is changing, and that remote, dispersed work, including digital nomadism, will only continue to grow in the future.”


“The trend shows no signs of slowing down, with more people valuing their lifestyle and companies offering increased flexibility to attract and retain workers. “Aging Baby Boomers will continue to ‘unretire’ and work past the traditional retirement age,” the report notes. “Millennials will continue to flock to this lifestyle, inspired by the opportunity to pursue their travel interests while working. And older Gen Exers are reaching the stage where traveling while working is becoming more viable.”


With our highly connected and “always on” society due to access to WiFi and cloud-based programs almost anywhere, employees working outside of the traditional office setting will continue to grow. Work-life immersion, or combining professional and personal passions, all go hand-in-hand with the digital nomad movement. It will be important for employers across all industries to embrace this in the hiring and retaining of employees across the generations of our workforce. It also poses an intriguing question within the travel and tourism space – could this digital nomad lifestyle begin to blur the lines of business versus leisure travel in the future?


During this eight-month journey, we’ll be diving into these topics and trends, along with topics surrounding the generations in the workforce, stopping along the way to meet with industry leaders that are making waves and reinventing how we work. What we’re calling, “The Remote Route.”

If you and/or your organization would like to tell us what you’re doing as it relates to these topics, or to learn more, contact us at info@searchwideglobal.com.

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