Whether you are striving to become a healthier version of yourself, or maintaining good health, these recipes are fantastic to have on hand. They are full of nutrients for your body,  taste delicious, and easy to make. Feel free to modify ingredients due to preferences or allergies.


At SearchWide Global, our staff is dedicated to creating a healthy lifestyle for ourselves at home, in the office, and while traveling. We’ve founded the Take Carra (Yourself) program in honor of our friend and colleague, Jim Carra. Not only do we believe in it, but we believe there is a need for it within our industry. Many professionals we work with as clients and candidates struggle with health and wellness due to demands of the job, such as; traveling, working long hours, attending networking events, and so on. We want to support and encourage everyone we work with to “Take Carra” themselves.


So please, enjoy these recipes and feel free to print them, share them, gift them, or save them to your phone.


A healthy choice a day leads to creating healthy habits.




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