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SearchWide Global is a full service executive search firm primarily for companies in the travel, tourism, hospitality, convention, trade association, venue management and experiential marketing industries. We specialize in C-Level and Director level executive searches for companies ranging in size from Fortune 500 corporations to mid-sized public and private companies and associations.

Headquartered in the Twin Cities and several regional offices, we're able to serve clients and candidates nationwide. Founded in 1999, we have remained focused on our four core values for almost two decades: INTEGRITY, ETHICS, PASSION and RESPECT.

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Our Signature Process

SearchWide GlobalOur Signature Process

The industries we serve are vast and ever changing and we recognize our client’s expectations run VERY high.  We are committed to provide extraordinary services every step of the way by offering unique deliverables tailored to fit your needs.  While we have experience adapting to change, our signature process has worked well for hundreds of clients and is highlighted below.

Our 5 Step Signature Process

1. Detailed Needs Assessment

Prior to beginning the search, we will complete a detailed needs assessment in order to fully understand the role that the new executive will be expected to play. This includes meetings with key stakeholders and staff.

From this, we will create a detailed position description/organization overview (incorporating your document) that will also act as an important sales and marketing tool.

2. Marketing / Prospecting / Qualifying

Our approach to marketing the position and sourcing candidates is very targeted. SearchWide Global uses its strong relationships (inside and outside the industry), solid processes, robust database, and industry expertise to provide your organization with only the best and brightest candidates. In today’s marketplace, it is no longer enough to deliver exceptional candidates with proven abilities. We understand that the chosen executive must also possess longevity and loyalty.

We will keep the search committee engaged and provide weekly updates on candidate activity throughout this phase. We clearly understand the importance of a thorough, professional, and transparent search process.

3. Interview References & Background Checks

Once we have all agreed on the finalists and they have been thoroughly interviewed by SearchWide Global, we will complete the following steps:

  • Check references. We will talk to two previous supervisors, two previous direct reports, and two additional professional references.
  • Conduct a background check that covers: federal, county, and state criminal history; pre-employment credit; and driving and education verification.
  • Have the candidates undergo the DiSC Assessment.</li.

To prepare for the final interviews, the collected data and resume for each finalist will be compiled into a booklet format for you.

4. Client Interviews

SearchWide Global will coordinate and facilitate all of the logistics throughout the interviews. If five candidates will be interviewed, a suggested format might be as follows:

Day 1 (12pm-6pm)

  • Lunch and Pre-Meeting with Interview Team.
  • Interview Candidates 1, 2, and 3.

Day 2 (8am-12pm)

  • Lunch and Pre-Meeting with Interview Team.
  • Interview Candidates 4 and 5.
  • Wrap Up Meeting.

5. Offer / Negotiation / Post Communication

SearchWide Global has extensive experience handling the hiring, negotiation, and turn-down process in a way that protects the reputation and integrity of your organization.

Our interaction with your organization and the places candidate does not stop when the search is closed. We stay in close contact on a quarterly basis to ensure that all parties remain satisfied and productive.

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